I’ve been blogging for over 4 months now, and after doing intensive research on how to write a good successful blog, there are few tips that I follow when blogging.

Yes, blogging is where you can be brutally honest with yourself. But when expressing your message, there are tips that you can follow to effectively send your message across. Since bloggers write a lot of content, you want to ensure you master your blog writing skills!

Here are 5 blogging tips you must follow:

Step 1: Don’t make your blog too long, or too short

If your blog post is too short, it’s very likely that it doesn’t carry much information. And if it is too long, you will lose readers interest.

A good length of a blog should be around 500~700 words. Of course, you can go over that limit, but I recommend on average you keep to this length. Each blog you post should be around 3~5 minutes long. Anything longer than that, unless you have super writing skills, you will most likely lose your readers interest.

Anything shorter than that, your reader may not find much value out of your blog post. It might not be enough to express the entire message you want to send across.

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I’ve seen bloggers that do 1000 word plus, but these bloggers are highly experienced and it takes time to reach that level.

Until you reach that level, try to keep at 500 to 700 words. Wondering how you will know whether you have reached that level? Increase in traffic will tell you 😉

Step 2: Make the layout of your blog post clean and easy

Never ever just write, write and write. You need to have proper sentence structure, and paragraphs.

Without these, readers will go through “reading fatigue” and will find it difficult to read your blog post.

Use bold function if you think one of your sentences is important. Use underline functions to catch readers attention.

Use paragraphs so you break up your sentences. This makes it much easier for your readers to read.

Also, most importantly, have pictures for your blog post. Images are superior when it comes to blogging.

I always have a minimum of 2 images. It enables readers to catch their attention at first glance. Also, you can save these images in Pinterest to engage with Pinterest users.

Step 3: Make sure you answer the question that’s in your title

I often see beginner bloggers just waving into another topic and expanding on a topic that’s not really in relation to what their title is stating.

If you do this, your readers will think rest of your blogs will be like this. Imagine if I just wonder off about creation of galaxy or how computer was invented. I will immediately lose readers interest and they will think I am random.

If it requires you to explain a different topic to answer what was stated in the title, make it short. And then do another blog post on that certain topic and use hyperlink to link it.

Your bloggers are here to read your blog post based on your title!

Step 4: Have hyperlinks to your similar blog posts

Somewhere within your blog post, it’s always a good idea to have hyperlinks to your other blog post that share similar content.

If readers are slowly losing interest, and then they suddenly see another hyperlink that catches their attention, they will click on to it. You can maintain readers engagement within your website this way.

And the beautiful thing is that, if you have Google Adsense setup (if you don’t know what this is, click here), you can make more money by showing more advertisement on another page.

I always have 3 hyperlinks for each of my blog post, but it’s completely up to you on how many hyperlinks you want to have. You shouldn’t go over 7, I think anything over that will be too excessive.

Step 5: use “I”

Readers want to hear about yourself, and your experiences. They want to understand you, and want to learn from your knowledge.

By saying “I”, you build confidence to your readers and show leadership of what you are communicating.

“I did this and I manage to achieve this” sounds more like you. Set an example, and show your readers how you achieved certain things.

This is why you see many bloggers say “How I achieved $5,000 per month in blogging”, “How I made $3,000 from selling online”, etc.

I hope these were helpful. I will share more tips as I progress along, but I thought this is a good tip for bloggers that are having hard time or bloggers who are just starting.

Do you have any other tips you want to share? Leave them in the comments below!