I have 30 minutes to complete this blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a super quick check list on blogging.

This checklist will look into the idea of the flow you should follow when it comes to blog posting.

– Decide what you are going to write about

  • It should be based on your target market
  • Try to answer problems that your readers want to solve
  • Have an attractive title
  • Don’t make the blog post too short, or too long
  • Call for action, tell them to leave a comment on your blog post
  • Be honest with yourself, don’t just blab about it
  • Stay focused on what you are writing, don’t wonder off into different topic
  • After you have written your blog post. Read over it. Fix any grammatical mistakes
  • Make it entertaining. Don’t make it too formal
  • Absolutely no swearing! (If you do, you may upset your readers

– Create pictures

  • Create minimum of one image for your blog post
  • Depending on the design of your website, create a feature image (this will be the image that will pop up when you share it on your social media)

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– Make sure your blog post has other links to your similar posts

– If you have Google Adsense, make sure you implement the code into your blog post

– Share them on social media

  • Share them on your Facebook
  • Share them on your Twitter
  • Share them on Google plus
  • Pin your images in your Pinterest
  • Share them on Instagram
  • Share them on any other social media you have

– If you have a subscriber list, send them an email regarding your new blog post

– If you have spare time after you have done all this, look at what’s happening in social media in your relevant industry. Engage with your target market audience, leave them a comment. Follow their pages. Give recommendations.

This is my super quick check list when I do blog post. Of course, you need to squeeze in some time to do more research n blogging, and about your niche market. But this is my general flow when I do blog posts.

That’s it! I hope this was helpful. Leave me in the comment below if I have missed anything!

Thank you everyone for taking time to read this blog post. You are the best.