Year 2017 is now over, and it’s time to face year 2018. I really want to make year 2018 a turning point for me, and hopefully it will be a turning point for you as well.

We all want one thing in our lives – doing what we love while earning money. This is one way to truly escape stressful “money chasing life” and really enjoy our lives to the fullest extent.

I have written this blog post to help you achieve your goals in year 2018. I also have my personal goals that I want to achieve (you can click here to find out), and I am more than determined to achieve it this year.

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2017 – How did you perform and where did you stumble?

In order for us to achieve year 2018 goals, it’s important to look at how we performed in year 2017. Most people make New Year resolution at the beginning of the year, and they seem to forget about it or lose inspiration & motivation to achieve them.

I started blogging around late-mid 2017, so I never had a New Year resolution. Nevertheless, I looked at what I have achieved in year 2017 – and I must admit I did well. Why do I say that? Because I started doing what I love. Initiative. 

I’ve been blogging for about 4 months now, and I’m seeing some great traffic numbers. For me, it’s time to be more strategic with my goals and layout a plan to achieve them.

Some of the points you need to look at include:

  • What goals did you achieve?
  • What goals did you not achieve?
  • Where did you go wrong?
    • Loss of inspiration / motivation
  • Which areas did you struggle in?

Write these down, and carefully look at where you went wrong, where you can improve on. By doing this exercise, you will have a better understanding of your strength and weakness.

2018 – SMART goals

I see many bloggers, and even major corporations using this technique to set out New Year resolution. It’s a wonderful and strategic way of setting goals, and you should definitely use it as well if you are serious about achieving them.

What is a Smart goal?

  • Specific: Don’t just say “increase traffic on my website”. Be more specific. How much do you want to increase your traffic by? 50%? Or a certain number you want to achieve?
  • Measurable: This is where you can measure whether you have achieved your goal or not. For example, if you set your goal to increase traffic by 50%, and you only achieve 30%, or 70% – you can measure how well you have progressed.
  • Achievable: Do you have all the resources / help to achieve your goal?
  • Realistic: Can you actually achieve it? Be realistic with your goal, don’t set a goal that’s impossible to achieve – because this will demotivate you.
  • Time: Can you achieve it by the deadline set by you? (e.g. by end of year 2018?)

Analyse your goals carefully, and make it achievable and realistic. Don’t make it too easy, and don’t make it impossible. But make it challenging, so you will strive for it.

2018 – Plan how you will achieve it

Now that you have set your goal, it’s time to plan it out.

If you’re a blogger just like me, make a commitment and always stick to it. It may be hard, but there are tools to help you.

  • Wallpaper on your smartphone: You can make your own wallpaper on your smartphone with the text of your liking. You can set the text in a way that it’s a reminder to you. You can set it to something like “What you do today will create tomorrow” or “Remember to write one blog post a day”.
  • Stick notes: Have stick notes on your computer (if you are using a desktop), or at the door or somewhere you frequently look at.
  • Friends: if you are doing a business with your friend, you can make a commitment to each other you message you every day – to check up on you.
  • Alarm clock: you can set repetitive alarm clocks to serve you as a reminder to achieve your goals.

Besides the reminders, you also need a plan to achieve your goals.

Now that you have a goal, break that goal into smaller goals and plan out how you will achieve them. For example:

  • Increase traffic by 50%
    • Do a blog post every 2 days
      • Spend one day for blog writing
        • Work on it from 7pm to 9pm
      • Spend one day for image designs / uploading blog post
    • Be more active on social media
      • Visit other bloggers social media and leave comments if it is relevant / helpful
      • Follow other people on social media within your niche
    • Research other methods on increasing traffic
      • Read more blog posts from
      • Google for more ideas
        • Spend around 20 minutes each day

You can see that each goal is broken into smaller goals. This way, it is much easier to achieve your bigger goal by accomplishing smaller goals.

And most importantly, try to have fun when you are doing this. Don’t stress about it, and if you are really stressed, take a break. Taking a break is often a good way to recharge yourself again.

I hope this was helpful, and I really hope this will help you set your New Year goals for year 2018.

Do you have any other tips on setting New Year resolution? Lave them in the comments below!