People have this perception that “junk” around your home will not sell.

The truth is your wrong!

It may appear like a junk to you, but you will be surprised at how many people are out there looking for those “junks”.

It’s not really a junk, you just label it as a junk because it has no use to you anymore. Or it doesn’t work properly and it’s below your standards. Whatever it is, it’s because you labelled it as a junk.

Now the good news is that, there are people eager to buy that junk off you.

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I’ve sold many items online before, and I was very surprised at the amount of enquiry I got when I put some of my junk on sale.

Then I realised, these are not junk. These are valuable items that people want. Just because I don’t want them, doesn’t mean it is no longer a valuable item.

I personally use eBay to sell my stuff. It’s great, and it works well.

I’ve also tried Facebook market place as well, and it worked tremendously for me. If it’s a big item, I suggest you sell it through Facebook market place. If it’s a smaller item, eBay is a good option as there are ton of people on eBay purchasing items.

Here are list of items you can sell online around your home:


You may think “well my furniture is quite old, and it’s worn out. No one will buy it”. Wrong. There are so many DIYers out there, and those people who love collecting older furnitures.

I’ve sold furniture myself. It was quite old (in fact, it was 10 years old), and I managed to sell it for $30 (retail price was $100).

It’s not very big money, but instead of throwing it away, it’s better to sell it!


Another great item to sell online. Some people don’t care about the quality, as long as it is in decent condition and have no problem when reading, people will buy it.

Of course, you will have to sell it at a lower price.

Appliances and other Electronics

T.V., fridge, toasters… etc. Some people don’t want to buy brand new appliances or electronics. They just want to buy something with tiny budget that works.

They don’t see much value buying at full retail price. These people will be eager to buy your items.

Old DVD’s and CD’s

DVD and CD’s are becoming classic. Everything is digital, so buying these are very rare.

Great news is that there are people out there still collecting old DVD’s and CD’s. And with a bit of luck, you may already have few CDs or DVDs that’s extremely rare. You might be able to sell these at a higher price.

Old Games, Game systems

Do you have any old games, or game systems that’s just sitting in your garage? Sell them! Some are extremely rare to buy, and you may be able to sell these at a great price.

There are many YouTube stars that are buying old gaming systems and doing reviews online. They will pay you great money for it – because they can make profit out of it.


If you have clothes that you are not wearing but still in awesome condition, sell them now!

There are so many people out there selling clothes, and you can do the same.

I suggest you give it a wash before selling it online.


Sunglasses are really good items to sell. I’ve sold many sunglasses online, and they sell like a delicious cake.

But, there is a catch to it. It’s got to be a one that’s from a well-known brand. People love buying well known sunglasses!

Sport gears

You may have aged out of it, or bought it because you were going to use it but didn’t really use it that much.

You can sell sporting gears for a decent amount of cash. Just make sure you are honest and clear in your description. If it’s not in good condition, then describe which part is not in good condition.

There are plenty of things to sell online, but these are some general items you can sell online.

As always, be honest and clear with your description when selling items. You don’t want them to make your buyers angry! Better to set their expectation from the beginning.

Do you have other items you sell online? Leave me with the comment below!