One of the best ways to achieve success is being inspired consistently.

The hardest part is to not lose that inspiration. Sometimes we lose inspiration along the way.

That’s ok, that’s normal.

The good news is that, we can get inspired very quickly again. Feel your mind with inspiration, and don’t lose that momentum!

Read the articles below to keep up that momentum, and stay in the state of inspirational mindset.

Inspiration Articles

Don’t let others bring you down

Quite often, people think of great ideas and they share it with their best friend. They tell their best friend ...
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How to beat Laziness

Laziness is the biggest barrier when it comes to achieving our goal. I was very lazy at one point (probably ...
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Reaching your New Year Resolution Goals

Year 2017 is now over, and it’s time to face year 2018. I really want to make year 2018 a ...
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Time to achieve New Year resolution –

As you can see in my previous blog post (if you haven’t seen it yet, click here), I had a ...
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What have I achieved so far – 2017 is only the beginning

It’s been around 5 months since I started blogging, and I’m still loving it! Blogging has really changed my life ...
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You’re not alone – change your perspective

Everyone goes through a phase of demotivation, loneliness, helplessness, and unhappiness. It’s natural to feel like this every now and ...
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The 3 month trap – most bloggers STOP HERE

I must admit, I have just experienced a 3 month trap. Most of the non-successful bloggers stop after 3 months ...
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Should I travel or save money?

Everyone loves travelling – it’s exciting, inspiring, you meet new people and most importantly you create this beautiful memory of ...
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Life is easy, why do we make it difficult?

We often look at our lives, look at our income, look at our surroundings, and we think life is really, ...
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Ideas don’t come out fully formed

I was looking at Mark Zuckerberg’s speech he did at Harvard Commencement 2017 on YouTube, and it was one of ...
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