Laziness is the biggest barrier when it comes to achieving our goal. I was very lazy at one point (probably until the end of year 2017!) and it took me a lot of effort to overcome this.

What is laziness? Laziness is where you just don’t want to do anything, and you just want to watch T.V. or do something that entertains you. It shifts your focus away from what you need to do. People often find pleasure from activities that doesn’t involve much thinking – or sometimes those that involves thinking but nothing to do with your personal goals.

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People often satisfy their laziness by browsing on the web (such as YouTube), googling something they are interested in that’s got nothing to do with their goals (such as celebrity news), or watching T.V.

If your niche market is within this niche, then it’s not a problem but if it isn’t, then we have a problem here!

Beating laziness is really, really hard. I’ll show you how you can overcome laziness.

Picture yourself successful

This is a trick that I often use. I picture myself as one of the top successful blogger. And in order for me to achieve this, I need to put in enormous amount of effort into blogging. It’s not just about “blogging”, it involves being active on social media, getting new affiliate marketing programs, analysing google analytics (website traffic), etc.

I know these are hurdles that successful bloggers had to overcome. And they would spend countless amounts of hours to find new ways to become a successful blogger.

And if I want to achieve this, then I also have to do the same.

Picturing myself as a successful blogger really gives me motivation and inspiration, and it strives me to achieve my goals.

Remove all the distractions – commitment

I used to be a very heavy gamer. I would spend hours and hours on gaming to cater for my entertainment needs.

It clicked one day.

After a long session of gaming, I thought to myself “where am I going with this gaming?”. Where is it leading me to? Dead end.

I’m not getting anything out of gaming, and I’m just making excuses to why I don’t have any time to do anything.

After constantly thinking about how gaming is serving my distraction, I completely wiped off all the games from my computer. I don’t have any games installed on my computer now, and I plan to keep it this way.

If you want to beat your laziness, make it super hard for yourself to access those lazy “items”. If it’s watching T.V., unplug the T.V. and only plug it in on certain days.

If it’s YouTube, delete the application and only use the web browser if you need to look at YouTube.

If it’s talking on the phone, put your phone on silent, go for a walk in the park. Or you can even read a book in the park.

Look at your successful friends

When I look at my friends that are successful, I think to myself “if he/she can do it, why can’t I do it?”. If often gives me motivation to get off my lazy couch and start working on what matters the most.

Some people say this is caused by “jealousy”. But I disagree. If it gives you motivation, then it shouldn’t be a jealousy. Jealousy would be if you want to action something that affects that person. But you are not doing that!

Picture yourself supporting your loved ones

It often gives me pleasure when I think about a day where I will be successful enough to financially support my loved ones. It’s a wonderful thought to have.

This often gives me motivation to work harder. I want to support the ones I love, and I really want the people I love to live a comfortable life.

People looking up to you, and respecting you

This is similar to the first point I have mentioned before, but imagine if you are successful. So many people will look up to you (e.g. readers to your website), and they will also respect you and will try to learn from you.

Besides readers to your website, people around you will also look up to you and respect you.

It’s a pure inspiration here, because you now have the knowledge and skills to help them succeed in their life. You can educate and give recommendations to people that will truly help them, and in return they will show you their honest appreciation.

It gives you more confidence, and you will feel even more proud of yourself.

Reward yourself

Every time you hit a milestone, reward yourself!

It can be a night out with your friends, or going to amusement parks, watching gold class movies, etc.

Achieving your goal is a huge success, and if that time comes you should definitely treat yourself. It’ll give you great pleasure, and you will want to achieve your next goal again.

Commitment plays a huge role when it comes to beating off laziness, but putting your mindset with motivation and inspiration will also play a huge role.

Remember these points when you are feeling lazy, and try as hard as you can to achieve your personal goals.

Do you have any other tips on beating laziness? Share them in the comments below!