I’ve taken this risky experiment to myself, just to show my readers what happens when you don’t blog for 3 weeks.

It’s been a busy 3 weeks with my new born baby, but I thought it would be a good idea to share what actually happened to my blog when I didn’t blog for a while.

Even though I haven’t been actively posting blog contents for 3 weeks, I’ve been very active on my social media and kept posting at least 3~4 posts on a daily basis.

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Just a small tip – some people ask me how I could possibly be active on social media when I am not posting any blog contents. Easy. I would still post about my usual small tips on blogs and money management. As well as this, I would leave comments on interesting feeds that I see, and I would also share other people’s post if I found them helpful or interesting.

Nevertheless, let’s jump in straight into it and see what happened to my blog website after being frozen for 3 weeks.

Your traffic slows down

My traffic gradually decreased, and it was hurting to see this. I’ve spent tons of hours just to see it all cripple.

I was getting around 10 visitors per day on average, but that would reduce to 5.

It was not a good feeling.

Lesson learnt – keep your blog posts consistent!

Social media was not as active

Even though I was being very active on social media, it only met minimum standards. My followers didn’t decrease, but it didn’t increase either.

This is what I learnt – your followers are following you to read your blog content.

Yes you can share quotes and share other people’s post, but that’s not enough. They are following you because you are unique, and they respect & find your blog post helpful and entertaining.

Without my blog posts, there’s really nothing much I can share with them except my personal small tips – which wasn’t sufficient.

You start to lose focus

You get used to the routine of “I will blog later”. And it’s scary, because I was also losing my inspiration as well.

And I realised “this is what entrepreneur were always talking about!”

You need to get into the habit of achieving your goals. Doesn’t matter how small they are, you need to get into the habit of achieving even the tiniest little goals – on a daily basis.

As soon as you start to drift away, this most dangerous habit starts to kick in. “I will do it tomorrow”. And trust me, it’s so hard to get out of it. I’m just glad I managed to get back on my feet again.

You start to lose interest

Once you start losing focus, then the next dangerous step comes into play. You start to lose interest. You start to think “too much work”, “too repetitive”, “not my thing”, etc etc. You start to think this way because you lost the grip of what you were doing and to achieve.

And this is how most bloggers fall out. I could picture myself walking away from this, but I didn’t want to. I managed to get inspired again, pictured myself being a really successful blogger, and didn’t want to classify this as a “failure”, when I didn’t even put 100%.

Whatever stage you are in, whether you’re losing focus, or interest, or been lazy, I just want to say one thing.

Just start.

Open up your word document, and just start writing away.

You will get your inspiration back, and you will realise how much you were missing out on things.

Yes, the inspiration may not be there. If it’s not there, ignore it for the time being and just get started. You will get your focus back once you get started.

I hope this article was helpful to you. And I really hope that by reading this article, you are back on your track again.

I’ll also make sure I will be consistent with my blog posts. Stay tuned!

Do you have any other points you want to share based on your difficult experiences? Leave a comment below!