Let’s admit it, blogging can be difficult. It’s an on-going project where you have to write blog post continuously. And you have to be consistent with it as well.

Not only that, you have to create images, then share it on your social media, and you have to stay active on social media.

And if you have an email list, you have to do an email blast to your subscribers.

It’s not an easy job, and it can get quite frustrating, stressful and exhausting.

Problem is that, most people cram all of this in one day.

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They will write blog post, create images, and do all their social media and EDM blast in one day.

And if you keep this up on a daily basis, or even every 2 days, you will feel exhausted.

I felt the same as well.

However, there are some golden methods that you can try to make it less stressful and less exhausting.

Method 1: Create a calendar of tasks

What is a calendar of tasks?

It’s a timeline of days where you will carry out certain task.

In this case, as a blogger, the calendar will be in relation to content writing and other activities that are involved with the website.

The easiest way to do this is planning your blog posts on a monthly basis.

Yes this may sound a bit confusing, but I will simplify it for you.

For example, on 1st of January I will plan to write 3 blog post. No images, just the content itself.

Then on 2nd of January, I will create images for my first blog post, and publish one of them. Once published, I will do more social media tasks and EDM blast.

3rd of January, I will write 2 more blog post. Now, I have 4 blog post written already. If you have some time left and want to do more, you can go on social media to engage with your followers, research more on blogging or do any other tasks that you couldn’t fulfil on 2nd of January.

4th of January, I will work on images and upload my second blog post.

And so on.

With this method, you will feel less exhausted as you are dividing your tasks – so you can work on them on different days.

You need to diversify your tasks so each day feels different.

Method 2: Editorial calendar

If method 1 isn’t for you, there’s another method. Second method is to set an editorial calendar.

What’s an editorial calendar?

It’s a calendar that shows which content you will publish on certain days.

To make this work, you will first need to plan out what content you will publish on certain days.

e.g. Day 1: How to save money
Day 3: Eliminating unnecessary expenses
Day 5: Top 5 savings tip
and so on

Once you have this setup, schedule these contents on your calendar and work on them accordingly as per your schedule.

This way, you don’t have to think about which content you will be writing on that day. You’ve got that out of the way – you already know what you are going to write.

Method 3: Combination of both

There are countless number methods on tackling your blog posts. Another way is to combine method 1 and method 2 together.

You can schedule which content you will publish per month, and then work on them by spending one day on content writing, and one day on creating images.

Remember, you are a professional blogger so there will be times where you will feel exhausted.

If you prepare more strategically for the future, things will move more smoothly. It works for me, and I hope it will work for you as well.

Success doesn’t come easy, but there are ways to make it simpler.

I hope this article was helpful. Do you have other methods when it comes to blogging? Share them in the comments below!