Hi everyone, and welcome to Invest in Blog.

My name is Thomas. I am 31 years old, I have a beautiful daughter (born in 2017!), I’m in $20,000 student loan debt, I don’t have a car, and I’m renting at the moment. The property prices are so high at the moment – so buying a house is only a dream at the moment.

Considering all my expenses, I am not in the best financial situation. Most of my income is going straight to rent, utility costs, grocery costs, transport cost, etc.

I have worked in the corporate world for around 8 years – working as a market researcher / marketing manager. Though I had few pay rises every now and then, it’s just not enough to create wealth!

I really want to enjoy my life, and I believe there’s so much more out there. I want to have a more income so I can go on holidays with my parents, support the ones I love, and support the community.

I love my family, and the beauty thing about my life is that I finally found a passion on what I can do to generate more income – Investing in Blogs.

I’ve done few online businesses before, but I failed . Why did I fail? Because I was not passionate in my online business. I started treating my online businesses like a job – and I’ve learnt that this is NOT the way to generate income.

Ever since I began my blogging website, I’ve been loving it. I’m constantly engaging with people that have similar interest and passion. People coming to my website find my blog insightful.  

I’m a core believer of turning passion into income. Blog is something I really enjoy, because I can be brutally honest and completely sincere about what I do here.

My website is about 3 things – generating income through blogging/online, managing money and creating wealth.

Wealth depends not only on big income, but also on expense. The smaller your expense, the more money you will be able to save – leading towards wealth. But, you will have to be patience. I will prove to you that patience is the key to growing your blog online.

I’m sharing with you everything from scratch. You will see how my blog grows, and this is what I want you to see. I want you to see how my website grows, and treat this website like a “step-by-step” tutorial, a live evidence that blogging can generate you income.

Now click onto that subscribe button and absorb everything I learn along the way!


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